Good Times Will Return!

Now that the tourism industry has ground to a halt, many tourism translators would be excused for twiddling their thumbs a bit. But that’s not me! After taking some time to assess the impact the ongoing global situation is having on both my own business and that of my clients, I ultimately decided not to rest on my laurels and finally publish a blog post that I have been trying to find the best way to write for some time.

You see, when I decided to add a blog to my website, my intention was for you, the reader, to get to know me and my style better. There’s no better way to get to know someone than by finding out things such as their likes and dislikes, hobbies and how they like to spend their free time. So, read on and join me on a sunny day out at the lake…

Fond Memories

At € 24 for one passenger and just an extra € 6 per person up to a group of five… you can’t go wrong!

As spring unfolds and summer approaches, the improving weather reminds me of a lovely day I spent with some friends last June. I bought a Baden-Württemberg ticket, which on weekends gives you 24-hour access to all trams, buses and regional trains in the region (excellent value!), hopped on the Schwarzwaldbahn departing from Karlsruhe main station and headed south, through the Black Forest. My destination? Konstanz, a picturesque little town on the banks of Lake Constance.

Old friends meet again!

About halfway there, at Appenweier, I was joined by an old friend, Matthias, whom I had first met at university in Wales in 2005/06. I had been in my final year studying German, French and Italian and he had joined us that year as an exchange student to improve his already very good English. We hadn’t seen each other for about seven years, so we had a nice catch up while taking in the stunning scenery surrounding us. It was colder than expected that day, but I had come prepared for all eventualities – a pair of jeans on and some shorts in my backpack.

We arrived in Konstanz to meet our other friend from uni, Richard, and his girlfriend, Anna, who were joining us from Switzerland. Undaunted by the chillier than forecast temperatures, a lovely walk followed, as we explored the town’s quaint little alleyways and enjoyed some window shopping.

After a brief pitstop for some pub grub and a beer, we continued towards the lake. Our plan had always been to hire a pedalo for an hour and spend some time on Lake Constance itself – we weren’t about to let a couple of grey clouds stop us!

Miracle Worker

Chillin’ in the sun…

In a true summer miracle, the clouds parted and the temperature rose palpably just as we got to the lake. This was our chance! We changed into cooler clothing, hired a pedalo and headed out onto the water. The borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet in the middle of Lake Constance – we turned towards Switzerland (going towards Austria would have both put us in the path of vessels much larger than us and been highly illegal! Err, no thanks!) and chose a spot where Richard, Anna and Matthias could have a swim.

When they clambered back on board, we partook in a beer in the sun, putting the world to rights, before realising our hour was almost up and high-tailing it back to shore. As if by magic, the cloud cover returned just as we were disembarking. After another wardrobe change, we were enjoying dinner and drinks at one of the many excellent eateries near the shore.

Never Give Up!

The currently closed German-Swiss border on the shores of Lake Constance
Source: Südkurier | Manfred Schneider

It’s a crying shame that repeating such good times like this has to be put on indefinite hold while we overcome the challenge currently looming over us. Many tourist operators, accommodation providers and bars and restaurants would be forgiven for thinking that advertising their services right now is a useless endeavour, but I feel otherwise.

This won’t last forever. The borders will reopen soon and people will feel safe venturing further afield to visit other towns and countries again.

We have to give our potential guests hope, right? We have to give them something to look forward to. Good times will return!

Clockwise – me, Anna, Richard, Matthias

This is where I come in… send me your advertising copy for translation, send me your hotel prospectus, your menus, your tourist brochures. Don’t give up!

Let me help you hit the ground running so that, when everything is back to normal and the tourists start to come back, you don’t get left behind.

I’m not giving up… and neither should you!

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