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Driven by a Passion for Languages

Language is a bit like the air – always there, yet somehow you only notice it when it’s really good (like a sweet summer’s evening) or really bad (like a smoggy day in London).

It’s my goal in life – both personal and professional – to make sure all the language I touch is more like the good and less like the bad.

ettlingen alb fluss sommer
Adam Yeomans

Meet the AY in AY Linguistic

AY stands for Adam Yeomans – that’s me there in the picture.

I’m a native English speaker, whose passion for languages was first sparked at the age of 12, during my first school exchange visit to Ettlingen, near Karlsruhe, in Germany.

I now use my love of languages, along with my keen eye for detail, to help my clients communicate in style with their English-speaking audience, all the while retaining their core message.

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The number of people who never leave their hometowns must be about equal to those who just have to strike out and build their lives somewhere completely new, right?

Read the story of my two year Germanniversary.

ettlingen is a twin city of clevedon, UK

Why Choose AY Linguistic?

Peace of mind

As cliché as it may sound, I'll only be 100% happy if you are! I'll be on hand throughout the project to answer all your questions and ensure you are completely satisfied.

Skills and Qualifications

I hold a BA (Hons) in German, French and Italian, incl. study abroad in Florence, Lyon and Vienna; as well as two Masters degrees, in European Studies and Translation (with distinction).


​I have been helping clients connect with English-speaking customers since 2014 and have built up a list of regular, return clients. Read what some of my clients and colleagues say about working with me here.


My passion for languages definitely comes across in the way I translate, and I will always give my best for you and your project to ensure the quality you deserve. Communication is a key aspect of this, too.

Working with AY Linguistic


I offer my clients a range of text and linguistic services, specialising in, but not limited to:

  • German > English translation in the travel and tourism, hospitality and cultural fields, as well as in advertising/marketing, press releases, CVs, general business correspondence and more
  • French > English translation in the travel and tourism, hospitality and cultural fields
  • Italian > English translation in the travel and tourism, hospitality and cultural fields
  • Monolingual and bilingual proofreading
  • English language tuition

Click here for a detailed overview of how I can help you with your linguistic needs.